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Last updated: 18 Aug 2015
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BHG - Bow Homeschoolers Group

CHG - Concord Homeschoolers Group

CM - Charlotte Mason Teaching Methods

EYNH-HS - Early Years New Hampshire, Homeschool

HDH - Hillsboro Deering Area Homeschoolers

The Journey - Tween to Teen Co-op

KMH - Kearsarge Mountain Homeschoolers Group

ML - Math League for New Hampshire Homeschoolers

Milford NH Tween and Teen Meet-up

NHHR-L - New Hampshire Homeschooling Resources List

NHHR-EIC - NHHR Educators In Christ

NHHR-POLITICS - NHHR Politcal Discussion List

NHHR-RELIGION - NHHR Relgion Discussion List

NLAH - New London Area Homeschoolers

PHT - Parents Homeschooling Teens

SNHS-NH - Special Needs Homeschool List

SR-NAH - Sugar River/Newport Area Homeschoolers

SVHSG - Souhegan Valley Homeschool Group

UVH - Upper Valley Homeschoolers

WHE - WeAre Home Educators

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About Dimentech:

Dimentech is the trade name that we, Mary and Dan Watts, use for our home consulting business. For more information on Dimentech, please visit our web site at www.dimentech.com.

We maintain these lists using computer and Internet resources we have personally donated. We do this in the hopes of giving back something to the homeschooling community that we have ourselves relied upon so much in the past.

Mary and Dan Watts

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