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Last updated: 06 Mar 2005

Mailing List Etiquette FAQ

Home Education Magazine's Free Online Newsletter

Monthly email newsletter with news, information,  resources and reviews, quotes, excerpts, short articles and more.


general homeschooling support, open to all. To subscribe to home-ed, send email to (home-ed-request at world.std.com) with the following command in the body of the message:  subscribe

Home-Ed Politics

for discussing politics related to homeschooling. To subscribe, send mail to (listproc at Mainstream.net) with the following command in the body of the message:  subscribe home-ed-politics YOUR FULL NAME

Home School Leaders

To be a member of this private and confidential e-mail loop, you must be the leader of an inclusive homeschool support group that is open to all homeschoolers regardless of their belief systems.  To participate, just join and then write an intro letter about you and your group.

The Homeschool Zone

E-mail newsletter about families and home education. Subscribe by going to http://www,homeschoolzone.com/or by sending an e-mail to the editor at (joespa at caro.net).

NHEN Email Lists

The following email lists are currently offered by the National Home Education Network. To subscribe to any of these lists, send an email to the list name as given below, but with "-subscribe" inserted before the "@" symbol. For example:

You can also subscribe to receive any of these lists by going to the webpage provided for that list. On the website, you may choose to receive the digest form of a list (one or more times per day you'll get the emails sent to that list, with up to 25 messages combined into a single email).

NHEN-Announce@onelist.com - Announcements of interest to homeschoolers, in general, and to NHEN members, specifically, are made here. This is not a discussion list. Subscribe by sending an email to nhen-announce-subscribe at onelist.com

NHEN-Welcome@onelist.com - Whether you are a new NHEN member or just trying to figure out what NHEN is all about, on this list you will find a warm, friendly welcoming committee, ready to offer information and answer questions about NHEN. Subscribe by sending an email to nhen-welcome-subscribe at onelist.com

NHEN@onelist.com An open discussion list on which any and all topics related to homeschooling are discussed. All homeschoolers are free to express their opinions and ask questions or provide information. Subscribe by sending an email to nhen-subscribe at onelist.com

NHEN-Legislative@onelist.com - Open email list for all homeschoolers interested in keeping up with legal and legislative issues across the country. A list made up of homeschoolers crossing the spectrum of views and philosophies.Subscribe by sending an email to nhen-legislative at onelist.com

NHEN-PR@onelist.com - Are you interested in helping to promote a more accurate image of homeschooling? We invite you to join us to discuss public relations issues, share information, and talk about our successes and trouble spots. You need not be an NHEN member to join this list. Subscribe by sending an email to nhen-pr-subscribe at onelist.com

Homeschool-Editors@onelist.com - For editors and publishers of homeschooling newsletters, magazines, e-zines  and journals. Whether your homeschooling publication is large or small, you're welcome to join us. Let's discuss our dilemmas and discoveries as we try to bring information to the homeschooling community. Subscribe by sending an email to homeschool-editors-subscribe at onelist.com

NHEN-NewSG This list is for those people seeking to start homeschool support groups in their area. The list hopes to provide encouragement, advice, and support to those working hard to foster connections between homeschoolers via support networks. Subscribe by sending an email to nhen-newsg-subscribe at onelist.com

Separation of School & State

The "SepSchool" mailing list has been established to promote the discussion of the concept of separating *school* and state. To subscribe (or unsubscribe), send email to sepschool-request at sepschool.org. In the body of the message, put the command: subscribe (or unsubscribe)

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