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Bob Jones University Press

IOWA Full Battery

Available from Bob Jones University Press. Call 1-800-845-5731 or e-mail testing@bju.edu to request a catalog

To give an Iowa Achievement Series Test, one must

  1. Be a teacher who has been certified by a state department of education to teach in a public school or other conventional school (home school or local association certification does not qualify),or
  2. Have a bachelor's degree, or
  3. Be or have been a full-time academic classroom teacher in a conventional school (not a home school).

To order, allow adequate time for processing of order and for test administrator to receive  and organize the materials for testing, place your order approximately 4-5 (but no more than 7) weeks before your scheduled test date. You will have 50 days from receipt of materials to administer and return them. Expect results within 4-7 weeks following receipt of the completed test at Bob Jones office.

Catforms Testing Services

Christian Liberty Press

California Achievement Test (CAT)
Christian Liberty Press, 502 W Euclid Avenue, Arlington Heights, IL 60004-5495   (847) 259-4444
There is also an afiliated website for their homeschool program at: http://www.homeschools.org/


FairTest, National Center for Fair and Open Testing
Monty Neill, 342 Broadway, Cambridge, MA  02139-1802       (617)864-4810. 

The National Center for Fair & Open Testing (FairTest) is an advocacy organization working to end the abuses, misuses and flaws of standardized testing and ensure that evaluation of students and workers is fair, open, and educationally sound.
We place special emphasis on eliminating the racial, class, gender, and cultural barriers to equal opportunity posed by standardized tests, and preventing their damage to the quality of education. Based on four Goals and Principles, we provide information, technical assistance and advocacy on  a broad range of testing concerns, focusing on three areas:  K-12, university admissions, and employment tests, including teacher testing.

Family Learning Organization Testing Service

Call for prices and availability.

METROPOLITAN, 1993 Edition (MAT)
Assesses vocabulary, word recognition (primary levels only), reading comprehension, math concepts, math problem solving and computation, language, science, and social studies. The MAT is the least time consuming test. It has the least number of test items but still covers a broad range of materials.

CALIFORNIA, 1992 Edition Form A (CAT 5)
Grade K is a preinstructional test in reading and mathematics. Grade 1 includes word analysis, vocabulary, reading comprehension, language mechanics and expression, math computation, math concepts and application, science, and social studies. Grades 2 and 3 are the same plus spelling. Grades 4 through 12 drop word analysis and add study skills. The CAT requires little parental involvement beyond general directions for grades 4 through 12. Each level has identical instructions so several children at different grade levels may take the test together.

Hewitt Research Foundation

PO Box 9 Washougal, WA 98671-0009
206 835-8708

PASS (Personalized Assessment Summary System)
Designed to be given at home taking into account the unique curriculum homeschoolers may utilize.  The results include suggestions for each subject area, and comparison with homeschool and national norms.  This test can be administered by anyone WITHOUT qualification.

Home Education and Family Services

PO Box 1056, 51 West Gray Road, Gray Maine 04039
207 657-2800

Consultations, Portfolio Reviews, Diagnostic Testing, and Achievement Tests available.  Individualized testing available, with either a written or conference review.

Individual standardized achievement test are unique.  They are not timed, the student does not fill in little circles on a paper known as a 'bubble sheet', and it is not administered to a group.  The test also does not require many sessions to be devoted to taking it.  

Individual standardized achievement testing is useful when children are being taught in unique, one-on-one situations. The testing time allows the test administrator to meet and establish a rapport with your child, evaluate academic levels in core subject areas, and then meet with you to discuss the results.  The test administration can be done in your home or in a centrally located spot in one day, with the written results completed that same week.  When you receive the results in person, you have the opportunity to discuss observations made during the testing time,  curriculum choices, and other pertinent educational topics.
Tests are not sent away to be scored by a company nor are test results given  to anyone other than the parents, unless the parents give their permission in writing.
Individual standardized achievement tests provide you with the results in the forms of percentile, grade or age equivalent, stanine, and/or standard score.  These nationally known tests were normed by using children in both public and private schools throughout the United States.

National Center for Home Education (NCHE)

703 882-4770   PO Box 125, Paeonian Springs, VA 22129

Stanford Achievement Test
Metropolitan Achievement Test (MAT)

Piedmont Education Services

1629 Turfwood Drive, Pfafftown, NC 27040
336 924-2494

Slogan: "Home Schoolers Helping Fellow Home Schoolers"
Description: Piedmont Education Services Direct provides nationally standardized achievement testing services for homeschoolers, as well as offering home school books, videos, diplomas, and news articles.
Contact: pmunger@triad.rr.com or service@pesdirect.com

Seton Home Study

Testing Info:    (540)636-9990       Phone Orders:  (540)636-9996       Fax Orders:      (540)636-1602
Email:                sem@setonhome.org
Seton Home Study offers a modified version of the CAT test, covering Gr. K-12, Language Arts and Math only. 

Thurber's Educational Assessments

Providing the California Achievement Test, 5'th Edition since 1993.


Laurie Anderson

I currently hold "dual" employment as a home school mom and a half time teacher for the Concord School District. I hold an M.Ed- specializing in learning disabilities, especially literacy, but also with degrees and/or certification in elementary ed K through 6, adminstration, EH, special ed K -12. As a public school employee, I have evaluated kids from preschool through grade 12. I have worked as a special ed director as well as 15 plus years of teaching and evaluating for school districts in VT and NH. Any school district should find me acceptable as an evaluator. The type of evaluation would depend on parent requests and concerns.

S. Drexler headshot Sandy Drexler

Writes Homeschool Assessments for Grades K-12 and Special Needs. Friendly and Compassionate. (352) 376-4853

Jennifer White

I am available to evaluate/tutor your Rochester, NH area homeschooler. I am a certified English teacher (5-12), with a BA in English, an MFA in creative writing, and 17 additional graduate education credits.

Home Education and Family Services
PO Box 1056, 51 West Gray Road, Gray Maine 04039, (207) 657-2800
Consultations, Portfolio Reviews, Diagnostic Testing, and Achievement Tests available.  Individualized testing available, with either a written or conference review.

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