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TO:New Hampshire State Board of Education
FROM:Elaine Rapp, Chair, Home Education Advisory Council
DATE:December 1, 2001
RE:Home Education Advisory Council Annual Report

The Home Education Advisory Council has been in existence for 11 years since its statutory inception, Chapter 279:3 Laws of 1990 effective July 1, 1990. A list of the current members is attached.

Joyce Johnson, Bureau Administrator for School Approval, is the contact person at the NH DOE for home education; Angie LeBel is the Home Education Program Assistant. In addition, there are several home schooling state organizations and many local groups that offer guidance and support to home schoolers on complying with the home education law and in implementing home programs.

Data on Number of Home Schooled Students

As of November 27, 2001, home education enrollment statistics for 2001-2002 for New Hampshire are as follows. It should be noted that this is a preliminary count that has not been checked for accuracy.

Total Number of Students: 3,322 public +137 DOE + 430 non-public = 3,889
Previous data:

3,232 students Nov. 30, 2000, enrollment statistics for the 2000-2001 school year.

3,895 students June 30, 2001, final count for the 2000-2001 school year.

The home education law (RSA 193-A) provides an alternative school attendance assignment under compulsory attendance (RSA 193:1). It should be noted that in the 11 years since the enactment of RSA 193-A, problems encountered between individuals and participating agencies have been limited attesting to the effectiveness of the law and the Council's participation in an ongoing dialogue with the Department of Education.

The Council was enacted under RSA 193-A with the intent that it functions as advisory to the Department of Education and the Commissioner. Among its duties, the Council works with the DOE in promoting communication between educators and home schoolers. It also provides guidance in establishing a mutual understanding of the intent and implementation of the home education law and rules pertaining to home education programs. The Council also reviews upcoming legislation that may contain language affecting home education but does not promote a position on such legislation.

Last summer, the DOE again sponsored my attendance for one day at the Franklin Pierce Law Center Education Law Institute. This opportunity allows me to attend any specific home education presentations at the Institute, as well as maintain contact with educators and issues affecting home education.

Should you have questions or comments relative to Council meetings, information contained in this report, or home education in general, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Attachments: Home Education Advisory Council Membership List
Prepared by:Elaine Rapp, HEAC Chair
Angie LeBel, Program Assistant II

Joyce Johnson, NH Department of Education
101 Pleasant St. Concord NH 03301
603-271-3582, jjohnson@ed.state.nh.us

Document source: New Hampshire Department of Education, email.

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