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November 16, 1998

Department of Education

Status of Bills

054 Requiring policy committees to review and issue opinions on administrative rules. Sponsored by Representatives Bruce Hunter, Leo Pepino.

067 Relating to municipalities' home rule. Providing that municipalities shall have home rule authority to exercise any powers not specifically prohibited by the state or federal constitutions or any statute. Sponsored by Representatives George F. Brown Thomas E. P. Rice Peter R. Cote Kenneth L. Weyler Mary E. Brown

077 Relative to recount procedures in school districts. Sponsored by Representative Michael W. Downing

091 Establishing a personal income tax and a statewide school property tax to fund public education and making an appropriation therefor. Sponsored by Representative Elizabeth S. Hager

092 Replacing the annual tax rate for support of schools with a rate recommended by the commissioner of revenue administration and approval by the legislature. Sponsored by Representative Frank V. Sapareto

097 Relative to statements of financial interest for board and commission members. Sponsored by Representative Jon P. Beaulieu and Ray F. Langer

107 Relative to adding the name of Martin Luther King, Jr. to Civil Rights Day. Sponsored by Representative Beverly A. Hollingworth.

112 Restablishing a sunset review process for state agencies and making an appropriation therefor.Sponsored by Representative Paul M. Mirski.

114 Relative to dates of meetings for official ballots. Sponsored by Representatives Ray F. Langer, Jon P. Beaulieu, and David W. Hess.

121 Relative to adding the name of Martin Luther King, Jr. to Civil Rights Day. Sponsored by Representatives Laura C. Pantelakos, and Lionel W. Johnson.

122 Relative to annual grants for school building aid. Sponsored by Representative Robert E. McKinley.

127 Providing that equalization in small towns should be based on a running average of 3 to 5 years. Sponsored by Representative O. Alan Thulander.

131 Relative to overtime pay for hourly employees. Sponsored by Representative Robert E. Clegg.

0133 Restablishing the New Hampshire council on drug abuse prevention. Sponsored by Representative William E. Leber.

0135 Increasing the fines for violating the child passenger restraint law. Sponsored by Representative John R. Cloutier.

0141 Enabling towns, cities and school districts to continue funding eduation for an interim period as a result of the Claremont case. Sponsored by Representatives Neal M. Kurk, and Gene G. Chandler.

144 Relative to amending the higher education building corporation statute and the higher education loan corporation statute. Sponsored by Representative Sylvia B. Larsen.

0145 Relative to establishing a scholarship fund within the New Hampshire college tuition savings plan. Sponsored by Representative Sylvia B. Larsen.

0163 Relative to the dedication of meals and rooms taxes. Sponsored by Representative Robert F. Chabot.

164 Relative to party caucuses under the raght to know law. Sponsored by Representative Neal M. Kurk.

177 Relative to establishing an advisory board to study the future of the New Hampshire automated information system "Webster" site. Sponsored by Representative Sylvia A. Holley.

178 Relative to relocation of a child by a person with physical custody of the child. Sponsored by Representative Jean R. Wallin.

184 Establishing a committee to study joint maintenance agreements in school districts. Sponsored by Representative Carl R. Johnson.

198 Relative to candidates for office who are also moderators or town clerks. Sponsored by Representative Thomas I. Arnold.

202 Relative to the display of tobacco products. Sponsored by Representative Susan W. Almy.

206 Relative to election laws for moderators including sections on disqualification, incompatibility of officers, and secret ballots. Sponsored by Representative C. Donald Stritch.

209 Restricting the rulemaking authority of the state board of education. Sponsored by Representative Kenneth L. Weyler.

213 Relative to the recognition of outstanding student role models in the public schools. Sponsored by Representative Peter F. Leonard.

217 Relative to elegibility for child day care assistance. Sponsored by Representative Jeb E. Bradley.

225 Relative to the rehabilitation of the Walker Building at the state hospital. Sponsored by Representative Leon Calawa.

229 Relative to the regulation of early care and eduation personnel in certain child care settings. Sponsored by Representatives Mary Stuart Gile, James P. Pilliod, and Iris W. Estabrook.

Document source: New Hampshire Department of Education, hardcopy.

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