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Home Education Advisory Council
Meeting, Jan. 6, 1998
Department of Education

3:30 PM to 5:00 PM


Those in attendence: Angie LeBel, Elaine Rapp, Karen Tardiff, Mike Faiella, Rachel Hopkins, Paul Krohne, Rob Drye, Robert Horan and Dennis Wyman

Discussion notes:

The minutes of the Dec. 2, 1997 meeting are approved.

Discussion on scholarships that may be available for homeschooled students.

Elaine attended the State Board [of Education] meeting in December to present our annual report.

An updated "Status of (House) Bills" (Revised Dec. 23, 1997) was handed out. Many may be of interest to homeschoolers. For example:

Elaine tried again to find someone at the Department of Health who could let us know if their new rules are in affect [sic]. No word yet.

The DOE is continuing development on their Web page.

The next meeeting will be the first Tuesday of each month, (Feb. 3, Mar. 3, Apr. 7, May 5, and June 2, 1998) in Room 15 of the Department of Education at 3:30 PM unless otherwise notified.


Please note the following rooms for the meeting dates as listed:

February 3      Room 12
March 3         Room 15
April 7         Room 12
May 5           Room 12
June 2          Room 15
I will list these dates on the mailings for the minutes as a reminder for future meetings.

Document source: New Hampshire Department of Education, hardcopy.

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