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Home Education Advisory Council
Meeting, Oct. 7, 1997
Department of Education

3:30 PM to 5:00 Pm


Those in attendance: Angie LaBelle [sic], Elaine Rapp, George D'Orazio, Karen Tardiff, Mike Faiella, Rachel Hopkins, Bob Drye and Dennis Wyman

Discussion Notes:

The minutes of the Sept. 9, 1997 meeting are approved.

Elaine needs to schedule a time to meet with the State Board to present the annual report.

Discussion on the current list of council members.

The next three meetings are scheduled for Nov. 4, 1997, Dec. 2, 1997 and Jan 6, 1998.

Discussion on the information packet the Department of Education makes available when people inquire about home schooling. Discussions include:

Discussion of the list and the contents of each item will continue at the next meeting.

Discussion on when it is acceptable to go for assistance in teaching a subject.

We may be requested to hold a grievance hearing soon.

Discussion of a draft of Rachel's notification checklist form.

Elaine will invite Pat Bussell to the next meeting for a review of current legislative activity.

The council received three invitations to the Governor's Education Summit to be held on Oct 15, 1997. Fred Frasier from CUHE and Margaret Drye from CHENH will attend. NHHC has tabled their invitation because they didn't want it to appear that an individual was representing the Coalition.

The next meeting will be Nov 4, 1997 in Room 12 of the Department of Education at 3:30 pm unless otherwise notified.

Document source: New Hampshire Department of Education, hardcopy.

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