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Home Education Advisory Council
Meeting, Sept 9, 1997
Department of Education

3:30 PM to 5:00 Pm


Those in attendance: Angie LaBelle [sic], David Gebhardt, Elaine Rapp, George D'Oriazo [sic], Karen Tardiff, Mike Faiella and Dennis Wyman

Discussion Notes:

(We did not have a quorum at the start of the meeting.)

David passed out a letter he sent to Robert Scully of Pinkerton Academy dated June 24, 1997. (attached)

Elaine plans to submit an annual report by November 1997

Discussion on Council membership - who's leaving, who's staying and who's renewing.

(4:00 PM We have a quorum)

The minutes op [sic] the June 9, 1997 meeting are approved.

Jackie Teague has been replaced on the Council by Rachel Hopkins who is being represented by Angie LaBelle [sic].

Angie passed out a draft of a check list from Rachel to assist participating agencies as they acknowledge home education programs. (attached) Input is requested.

Rachel is planning to get the law and the rules onto the Internet.

What is the best way to get information to homeschoolers? Input is requested here also.

Discussion on the Education Summit Conference - we were not aware of this and - may homeschoolers become included. We understand it will be a group of about 400 - educators, business people and the public.

Discussion on forming a committee to study public school access to home schoolers.

The next meeting will be October 7, 1997 in Room 15 of the Department of Education at 3:30 pm unless notified otherwise.

Document source: New Hampshire Department of Education, hardcopy.

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