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MAY 12, 1997

PRESENT: Elaine Rapp, Jackie Teague, Mike Faiella, Rachel Hopkins, Rob Drye, Karen Tardiff

MINUTES: Minutes of the meetings from February 4, March 10 and April 7 were read and accepted.

  1. Mike passed out a list of questions that arose during the recent grievance conference regarding home education notification, evaluation, and grievance procedures. Copies will be sent to absent members for the next meeting. The question of whether or not rule changes or establishing council policy could resolve some of the questions was postponed until further discussion. Karen Tardiff offered copies of teh NPSAC grievance process and said she had spoken to Bud Holmes regarding their experience with the process. Karen will forward his name and number and the name and number of the man who chairs their grievance conferences to Mike so he can pursue some of these questions with them.

  2. A brief review of the following legislation was discussed:
    1. HB 317 on dual enrollment was voted inexpedient to legislate in the House.
    2. HB 319 on access to immunization records was voted inexpedient to legislate in the House.
    3. Driver licenses for age 16-18 - several bills were proposed; Elaine will have update on them for the next meeting. A change in the current law could impact home schoolers.

    A reminder was given regarding the May 13 hearing at DHHS regarding rule changes for immunization records of home schoolers re the potential rule to require giving this information to your local school.

  3. Accrediting correspondence schools - postponed.

  4. Elaine passed out a list of potential additions to the home education packet Jackie sends out. Perhaps just a list of related information such as regarding youth employment or applying for a drivers license - where to find it - could be included.

  5. Mike mentioned that the question had come up regarding taking driver education at home. He spoke with someone at the Dept. of Safety who indicated under current law that would not be possible. Elaine will get statute/rule information regarding driver education and driver licensing laws for next meeting.

Next meeting is scheduled for June 9.

Document source: New Hampshire Department of Education, hardcopy.

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