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Meeting - Tuesday, Dec 3, 1996
Department of Education

3:30 PM to 5:00 PM


Those in attendance: Mike Faiella, Don Jones, Dennis Wyman, Jackie Teague, Elaine Rapp (chair), Karen Tardiff, Joe Rega, George D'Oriazo [sic], Rob Drye and Rachel Hopkins.

Discussion Notes:

HEAC minutes of the Nov 5, 1996 are approved.

Welcome to guest Fred Fraser

David Gebhardt joined the meeting to discuss questions pertaining to public academies and transferring in.

We accepted karen Tardiff's nonpublic school survey results and offer her our thanks.

Elaine handed out the complete information packet included with the HEAC annual report to the State Board for year 1995-1996

The last several items of the agenda will be addressed at the next meeting which will be January 7, 1996 at 3:30 pm in Room 15 at the Department of Education.

Document source: New Hampshire Department of Education, hardcopy.

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