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Tuesday, May 7, 1996

Present: George D'Orazio, Robert Drye, Michael Faiella, F. Donald Jones, Joseph L. Rega, Karen Tardiff, Jackie Teague, Pat Busselle, Rachel Hopkins.

Jackie Teague introduced Rachel Hopkins, who will, along with Jackie, represent the Department of Education on the HEAC. Rachel, who replaces Harvey Harkness, is Administrator to the Bureau of Effective Practices at the Department.

Pat Busselle reported that Nils Larsen, Chairman of the House education Committee, expects House Bill 1203, which removes the August 1 filing deadline for homeschoolers and which removes homeschoolers from being counted in determining town tuition costs in cooperative school districts, will probably pass the House as it was amended in the Senate.

Pat also reported that Ed 315 will be presented to the State Board meeting June 12. There was a lengthy discussion over the proposed rewording of 315.03d, with no consensus reached. Rob Drye said he would draft the rule and create a notification form to be considered at the June 4 meeting

Document source: New Hampshire Department of Education, hardcopy.

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