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Home Education Advisory Council
Meeting Tuesday, May 2, 1995
Department of Education
Room 15


THOSE IN ATTENDANCE: Elaine Rapp, Mike Faiella, George D'Orazio, Joseph Rega, Rob Drye, Karen Tardiff, Jackie Teague, Don Jones, Harvey Harkness.


Minutes from the previous meetings were corrected and accepted.

Commissioner Twomey visited with us and discussed various aspects of homeschooling and current education concerns which might affect homeschooling. She shared some of her concerns regarding the number of homeschoolers and ensuring that they are receiving adequate education in view of the supreme court ruling which although does not define "adequate", does put a responsibility on the department to be thinking about the possible implications. We also discussed attendance by alternates from organizations when the council member is unable to attend. The council will develop a procedure for this at the next meeting.

Mike Faiella passed out a preliminary report on the school district survey. It will be passed to other subcommittee members along with the individual responses for review, pending a final report from the subcommittee.

Current homeschooling statistics hover around 2300 students for the 1995-1996 school year. Final statistics will be available after July 1.

Karen Tardiff passed out a draft for a non-public school survey: members are encouraged to review it for comments at the next council meeting.

Mike and Elaine had other handouts which pertained to homeschooling activities. These shall be attached to the meetings [sic] of the May meeting.

Elaine passed out a draft of information regarding three issues the council needs to take positions on. Members should review these for discussion and vote at the next council meeting.

Elaine will be drafting an annual report to the state board of education which we will review at the next meeting.

The next meeting of the council is scheduled for June 6.

Document source: New Hampshire Department of Education, hardcopy.

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