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27 July 1994

Ms. Jackie Teague
NH State Department of Education
101 Pleasant Street
Concord, NH 03301

Dear Jackie:

The following issues requiring your attention have arisen in the last two weeks.

  1. A homeschooler from Dover who withdrew her children from school around April 15, 1994, had them take a standardized test with the public school children May 5th. When they scored under the 40th percentile the homeschooling program was put on probation despite the fact that it had been in effect for under 3 weeks. This is clearly not the intent of the law or rules. What was evaluated in this case was the public school program, not the homeschool program.
  2. Immunization: Hooksett, Hillsboro, and some other districts are telling home schoolers they must provide the districts with immunization information. Homeschoolers on the HEAC maintain that this is not at all clearly required, espesially for homeeschoolers who do not intend to have their children enter the school buildings. I enclose an HSLDA statement on this subject, with which I and many other homeschoolers agree. Furthermore, Hooksett's application seems to tell parents that their children must be immunized, which is incorrect.
  3. The Hillsboro letter of 2 June 1994 requires homeschoolers to submit a "Request for Continuation" in order to continue homeschooling. No such "request" is required by law. The standard notification requirements apply.
  4. The application from Charlestown demands information not required by law. Of the 12 questions parents are required to answer, only questions 1 and 3 are required by law and rules. All the other demands exceed the superintendent' s authority.
  5. The application from Brookline, like the one from Charlestown, is based on law and rules repealed in 1989, and here, too, the superintendent is exceeding the authority granted by 193-A.
  6. I get continuous reports from homeschoolers whose children are being refused permission to participate in school sports or other school activities or who are denied entrance to school the building to use the library or other facilities. There are situations, in short, where homeschoolers are prohibited from taking any part in school life. Would you be willing to survey every district in the state, asking them what their policies are regarding homeschoolers' participation in public school life? It would be helpful to have their policies in writing. If such a survey is to be conducted, each school district could be asked to furnish copies of those materials (forms, etc.) they provide to people expressing an interest in homeschooling.

    I am enclosing applications from Brookline, Hooksett, and Charlestown, along with a press release from HSDLA dated 7-19-94 and a letter from Hillsboro Superintendent Arthur Tate dated 6-2-94. Could you please inform me, in writing if possible, of the action you take as a result of this letter, and the results? Once again, many thanks.

Sincerely yours,
Michael Faiella (Signed)

Document source: New Hampshire Department of Education, hardcopy.

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