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Home Education Advisory Council Information

What is HEAC?

The Home Education Advisory Council was formed in 1991 to develop and maintain communication between the NH State Department of Education and the home education community.

For information relating to the laws surrounding home education, please read RSA 193-A. Section 193-A:10 details the formation of the Home Education Advisory Council.

For information relating to the procedures surrounding home education, please read ED 315.

When and where are HEAC Meetings?

Who are the HEAC Members?

Minutes and agendum of HEAC meetings

Unofficial comments regarding HEAC meetings

DCYF Field Practices:

An issue of concern to many homeschoolers is how DCYF (Division of Children, Youth and Families) interacts with homeschoolers regarding homeschooling vs educational neglect. The following documents are available here for review:

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