Homeschool Support Group (H.S.G.)/Interactive Kids Group (I.K.G.)


H.S.G. Goals:

-Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will sign up on a rotational basis to cover various Homeschool topics of interest (not religiously oriented).

-Two to three meetings each session will be dedicated to an open forum format, allowing for open conversation/sharing.

-Sign-ups for a topic date can be made one session in advance. Notification of a need for change or omitting the reserved date needs to be reported as soon as possible, so that another person may sign-up for that date.

-We will have a "Borrow A Book" program that will allow for circulation of donated parenting and educational books/magazines and other educational resource materials

I.K.G. Goals:

-Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will sign up on a rotational basis to supervise/instruct the I.K.G. participants who will be age 6 and up (a child may be signed up for participation if they will be turning 6 within that session timeframe).

-To create a family time atmosphere while participating in activities which are both fun and have an educational enrichment component to them. These activities may include Bingo, Stamping fun, Geometry fun, I Spy Memory Game, Chinese Checkers, Cards (i.e. Math War, UNO), Hand-crafted Games, Arts, Collages, Indoor Physical Sports, Etc.

-We will try to arrange for one educational field trip per session that may or may not be arranged during the H.S.G./I.K.G. meeting timeframe. Field trip fees are separate from material fees and costs will be according to each field trip fee requirement. Many places require a minimum of 10 participants and greater numbers of participants sometimes help to defray the costs.

*Younger than age 6 may not be in either the H.S.G. or the I.K.G. Please understand that we only have a one-hour timeframe to focus on our given agendas for each meeting and the goal is to create a relaxed yet focused atmosphere for both group dynamics.

Material Fees:

$21 for one child and their parent(s)/Guardian(s)

$35 for two children and their parent(s)/Guardian(s)

$42 for three children and their parent(s)/Guardian(s) and no additional material fees for more than three children and their parent(s)/Guardian(s)

*Material fees are to be paid at the first meeting attended in a given session. Prior payment of material fees at the last meeting of a previous session is recommended, in order to secure participation, as there is currently a 30 participants maximum enrollment for the H.S.G./I.K.G.

*Additional Note: The G-YMCA schedule provides an "Open Swim" prior to and after the H.S.G./I.K.G. meeting that is available to those who hold a Facility membership