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Cobblestone Publishers
Publishers of quality children's magazines for history and science, including: Faces, Calliope, Cobblestone, Footsteps, and Appleseeds.
World Civilizations (College entry level course)

General Sites

American Indian

Histories of various Indian tribes in the US
Newsletter for Children

WWII - The Holocaust

The Nizkor Database - Do not forget the Holocaust

Ancient Greece

Voyage Back in Time: Ancient Greece & Rome
by 3rd-5th grade students from Virginia.
British Museum Ancient Greeks Virtual Tour
designed by and for a British primary school. Includes maps, artifacts, lesson plans, and worksheets.
Daily Life in Ancient Greece
includes lessons and links.
Electronic Passport to Ancient Greece
from Mr. Dowling's (a Florida 6th grade teacher) Virtual Classroom.
Ancient Civilizations
(including Greece, Rome, and Egypt) by 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students Evergreen School District in San José, California.
Greek Civilization
This site was designed by Portland State University sophomores for use by Middle School students.
Maecenas : Images of Ancient Greece and Rome
A huge gallery of photographs of Greek and Roman architecture and sculpture. These images are free to use for non-commerical web pages, multimedia projects, reports, etc. (Remember to credit the source.)
Persuing Perseus
Perseus, Greek Myths, Greek art, archaeology, and the Greek language.
The Ancient City of Athens
from the Department of Classical Studies at Indiana University, Bloomington.
Biographies of Alexander the Great
from the Greek University of Aristotle.
The Ancient Greek World Index
from the University of Pennsylvania.
from Emory University and Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester.
Greek Mythology Links from Yahooligans
Ancient Greece from Alta Vista

Medieval Period

Build a Medieval Castle
Make your own model medieval castle -- a learning activity that teaches about history, feudalism and life in the Middle Ages.
A Boke of Gode Cookery
is James Matterer's collection of Medieval recipes which he has translated and adapted for the modern cook.
Joan of Arc
Amazing true story brought to you by LawBuzz.com. This story is an interactive journey into the life of Joan of Arc...
My home is my castle
Students will think about what living in a castle might be like, recognize and name various castle design elements.
Mr Donn's World History
Lesson Plans and Activities for K-12 teachers and students
Journey Through the Middle Ages:
A Collaborative Work Designed by the Students and Coaches of Salford Hills Elementary School
Exhibits Collection -- The Middle Ages
The Middle Ages
LBMS - The Middle Ages
7th grade students teach about life in the Middle Ages using illustrated factual articles, fiction stories, and student artwork. Also contains great WWW links and bibliography.
The Middle Ages: A Medieval Fiefdom
Life in the Middle Ages
Castles on the Web
offers castle links, castle photos, castle site of the day, castles for kids, free castle web pages and more.