Store Discounts

Name % Location Special Notes
A.C. Moore ?? Mall of NH, Manchester ??
B Dalton Bookstores 20 Mall of NH
Manchester NH
No certification letter required, just tell them you're a homeschooler.
Barnes & Noble 20 All Bring a copy of your letter of acknowledgement and show it when making purchases.
Book Warehouse 15 Conway NH  
Bookland None Granite St. Market Place
Hookset NH

30 N. Main St.
Concord NH

Kearsarge Bookshelf
The Gallery
New London NH

They do not yet offer a discount, even to teachers. However, they seem sincerely to be trying to get one in place. Feel free to call and urge them along, if this is a store you frequent.
Borders 20 Concord Bring a copy of your letter of acknowledgement, they will give you a discount card.
Donation Networks ?? Manchester See website:
Encore Books ?? West Lebanon NH
(beside Staples)
You need to register with them as a homeschooler.
Gee Willikers ?? Fox Run Mall, Portsmouth  
Jo Ann Frabrics ?? ?? ??
Littleton Office Supply 20 Littleton, NH


They will take your word that you homeschool, especially with kids in tow. Discount does not include "red tag" items. They have a brochure explaining their educator's discount. They carry school supplies, furniture (including used) and business services, such as scanning.
Mainstreet Bookends  

Route 103  Warner
(603) 456-2700
email orders or requests to bookends at

Excellent supply, and service especially for educators. Discount available to members, yearly membership for a fee.
Mori Books Bulk 141 Route 101A
Amherst NH
He does not offer a discount, but if you buy in bulk, he will deal.
Smart Toys 10 55 Crystal Ave
Hood Commons
Derry NH 03038
They prefer you to bring a copy of your letter of acknowledgement and show it when making purchases. No certification letter required, just tell 'em you're a homeschooler
Stroudwater Books 20 898 Central Ave
Dover, NH 03820
Bring in your letter of acknowledgement and show it at time of purchase.
Teacher's Pet, The None 360 Merrimack,
Lawrence, MA
No discount offered, as they primarilly deal with teachers, and feel their prices are already appealing. They claim "One of the Largest Teacher's Supply Stores".
Directions: Route 93 south to 213 to 495 south. Take exit 43/44 (double exit) to Merrimack St. Lawrence, first ramp. They are in the first mill building on the right, with tan banners with the number 360. Park across street. Hours 9:30-5:00
Time of Wonder 15 Exeter Discount on Homeschool specific books
Toadstool Bookstore 20 Lorden Plaza
Milford NH

Depot Square
Peterborough NH

Colony Mill Market Place
Keene NH

Bring in your letter of acknowledgement and they will write your name, address and phone # down on a 3x5 card. They also asked if there would be anyone else who might buy books for our homeschool, so I put down my husband's name. They will allow you to set up an account and receive a bill, if you wish.
Toys For Keeps 10 Crossroads Plaza
Londonderry NH
The owner says a letter would be great. I get the impression she would accept your word, no problem.
Walden Books 15    
Zany Brains 20 Royal Ridge Mall
South Nashua
Show letter of Acknowledgement.

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